Blockfall 1.4 on the way

The next update of Blockfall is coming up mid next week and we have some great news for you.

Every player can now level up from level 1 (10,000 XP) to level 50 (50,000 XP). You get XP by playing in single player-mode and logically the more XP you have, the higher your level will be.

Your level will be displayed in the global ranking and before every multiplayer match, so that your opponent knows with whom he is dealing with.
Playing with bare hands alone will be hard. Especially if you go for the top-tier levels.

Therefore Blockfall has Power-Ups you can purchase from the in-app store.
Blockfall Windows Phone Game In-App Store

These Power-Ups can make a huge difference of how far you’ll get with
your XP. Typically, they’ll make you about 10x more successful than
without them. And the coolest thing is: You can use them in multiplayer.

No matter what level your opponent has.
When you have your Power-Up, you’ll be able to use it everywhere in Blockfall.


Blockfall 1.4 will be available at the end of this week.

Blockfall 1.3 on the way

After a long time of hard work, we release the biggest update of Blockfall so far.

It’s time for the next huge update of Blockfall. This update, which goes as Blockfall 1.3, will bring Blockfall to a whole new status. Because from now on, Blockfall is an optimized Multiplayer-Game.

Screenshot of Blockfalls MultiplayerIt is easy and it makes a lot of fun. You just have to choose the Multiplayer-Mode from the Menu and you’re in for an exciting ride. The advanced algorithm of Blockfall 1.3 makes it possible to get you an online-opponent as fast as possible.
Is there already someone waiting? No problem, Blockfall will connect you to the player in a second. Are you trying to play a multiplayer-match in the middle of the night and no one seems to be online? Blockfall will get you a player. It is that simple. It will always work.
We expect Blockfall 1.3 to be public next week. Stay tuned.

Blockfall now faster in WP7

We submitted the Blockfall 1.2.3 update to the Windows Phone Marketplace, which is dedicated only for our Windows Phone 7-Customers.

This update makes Blockfall for Windows Phone Mango 50% smaller in filesize and 50% faster in gameplay. All textures are now optimized for Non-HD devices and animations, which would drop down the framerate during gameplay, are now perfectly adjusted.

We expect the release of this update in the coming week.

Latinum now for free

The innovative rhyming app is going to be free for everyone.

We launched Latinum on the 6th of September 2012 for $0.99. Many people downloaded it, a lot of them loved it.
Now Latinum is going to be free on the Windows Phone Marketplace.
We expect the release of the free version between 03 – 07. Jan 2013.

Blockfall version 1.2 submitted

The new interface of Blockfall is coming to everybody.

All Windows Phone 8 devices, which have the WVGA and WXGA resolutions, already have access to the big Blockfall 1.2 update. And now, we’re opening the doors for all 7.1 devices and HD-Resolution devices to get the new Blockfall.

We also addressed the bug, which prevents users from getting to the submission-page.
For now, the only workaround is to uninstall Blockfall and download it again. Mind to not deactivate the sounds, because that’s where the bug comes from.
We expect the release of Blockfall 1.2  sometime between christmas and the New Year’s Eve.

Blockfall version 1.1 submitted

Blockfall is from now on a Windows Phone 8-Game.

We developed Blockfall as a Windows Phone Mango game, which was the standard a couple of months ago. Now there are amazing new Windows Phone-Devices, which support much higher resolutions than the older Mango-Devices.
So what is new in Blockfall?

  • Every resolution is from now on supported: WVGA, WXGA and 720p
  • Blockfall is now more accessible with its smoother rules and its new scoring-system
  • The huge technical changes make Blockfall much more enjoyable and fun

Expect this update to be available around the 10th December – 12th December



We just released Blockfall, which is a completely new game, to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

It is basically a refreshing puzzle game with a 60s-Time pressure:
Blocks are falling down and your job is to carefully pick the right ones while you play

We have achieved quite some success so far and we think that you might love this app like many other folks do so far.

Blockfall costs only $0.99 and comes with a free trial.
Get Blockfall from the Windows Phone Marketplace now!


Latinum offers an easy and intuitive way to compose poems and find the needed ryhme.  Latinums Database contains a rich vocabulary with more than a million words. This variety of words facilitate to find the right words in english, french and german in a matter of seconds.
Whether it is just a word to look for or a whole poem to be written, Latinum provides the right amount of fantasy.

Food Database Version 1.1

Version 1.1 von Food Database steht vor der Tür und wird innerhalb der nächsten 24 Stunden an Microsoft zur Zertifizierung gesendet.


In diesem Release wurden folgende Änderungen vorgenommen


  • Farben wurden verstärkt. Nun ist sie auf voller Sättigung zwecks optimierter Lesbarkeit.
  • Das Tagebuch wird nach dem Hinzufügen von einer selbsteingestellten Menge
    automatisch aktualisiert.
  • Das Löschen eines Produkts, das mehrmals hintereinander eingetragen wurde, ist nun möglich, ohne dass beide Einträge gelöscht werden
  • Korrekte Synchronisierung des Diätberichtes mit
  • Die Symbolleiste wurde im Diätbericht gerichtet
  • Der Ladebalken bei “Weiteres” wurde in die Mitte versetzt zwecks Ladestatus/Lesbarkeit
  • Aktivitäten sollten nun keine Probleme mehr darstellen und eintragbar bzw. löschbar sein
  • Viele kleine Verbesserungen, auch unter der Haube.


Neue Funktionen und Features sind bereits erstellt und noch weiterhin in Arbeit und werden in den nächsten Updates released.

Food Database

Food Database bietet Zugriff auf Deutschlands beliebteste Nahrungsmittel-Datenbank “” mit über 160.000 Einträgen. Diese Applikation bietet mitunter folgende Hauptfunktionen an.

  • Detaillierte Nährwertangaben für alle alltäglichen Produkte
  • Tagebuchführung über Ess- und Sportverhalten mit persönlichem Kalorienlimit
  • Diätbericht zur Dokumentation des Körpergewichts mit Differenz-Berechnung
  • Dynamisches Festlegen und Einsehen von Gluten- und Laktosehaltigen Produkten
  • Live Tiles, welche direkten Einblick auf den aktuellen Tagesbedarf gewähren
  • Einsicht auf bereits erstellte Listen mit meist gegessenen Nahrungsmitteln
  • Schlichte und moderne Optik, durch Animationen bestärkt