Among the best puzzle games in the Windows Phone-Marketplace, Blockfall
shines in every way as a puzzle game.

Based on the simple idea of pressing buttons that match with images, Blockfall makes this
seemingly easy task a challenge. Only 60 seconds are given to reach the highest possible score,
which will be compared with other players’ scores in the worldwide ranking-system of Blockfall.






During gameplay, Power-Ups will appear to assist you reaching the highest goal, in order to
beat the latest #1 player of Blockfall. With progressing gametime, Blockfall gets trickier and
trickier by the second.

To let you play with friends, Blockfall offers you an easy-to-access multiplayer-mode, which
always finds an opponent for you in less than a minute.

Blockfall is available in the Windows Phone-Marketplace right now. Go and get it.