Seasons update 1.1

We just submitted the first update of Seasons.

This update comes with 11 fixes to the bugs you can see below:

  • WP7-Devices now supported (with compatibility mode)
  • PwUps: Magnet didn’t appear during gameplay
  • PwUps: You can’t upgrade DoubleLeaf
  • PwUps: After RunMode, obstacles coming too early
  • PwUps: Ezras shadow had a problem during Runmode
  • Magic: You can’t upgrade ReGen of Snatcher
  • Winter: SlideObstacle is too high
  • Death: Occasional jump/dash after death
  • FlyMode: PathDust coming in too early (during landing)
  • Achievements/Stats: Total Leaves count not correct
  • Main Menu: Highscore alignment not centered

Update 1.1 will be released next week.

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