Seasons Multiplayer & Upgrading

The latest update in our beta brings Seasons to a new Level.

Now we are almost done. With version 0.0.07 Seasons is now equipped with a Mutliplayer-Mode and an Upgrade-System. And wrapping all that is the new Menu you can see right here.

This mode is tied in to the regular single-player experience. Meaning that Seasons will search for another live session around the globe as you play.
Once connected to an opponent, the multiplayer-interface will show up and with that the abilities you can use to attack your enemy.

The goal in Multiplayer-Mode is to bring your enemy to fall. Once he died, you’ll win yourself a higher status and a leave-pack.

You can upgrade two things in Seasons: The Power-Ups, which appear during single-player (and multiplayer) and the before mentioned magic abilities. Each magic ability consists of 3 factors you can level up. There is Power, Durability and Regeneration.

The more durability your magic has, the longer it takes effect on your opponent. The lower Regeneration is, the faster your magic is recovered.
Your Power will decide who wins the round. If the magic of your opponent is more powerful than the one you used, he will win. No matter which ability it is.

The 16th of October is the official date on which Seasons will leave the beta.
By then, we will have an exciting, deep and joyful game.

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