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Areon is getting a redesign

There might be some rough edges here and there for now.
Hang tight, updates are coming.

Jokebox Update 1.1

The first update for Jokebox is ready and comes with the following changelog:

  • Share option added
  • Favorite option added
  • Joke now scrollable, when longer than visual area
  • Stricter deletion rules, when jokes tend to get more downvotes
  • Faster loading times
  • Localization for Turkey

The update will be available at the end of this week.
To download Jokebox now visit your Windows Phone Marketplace.

Seasons Update 1.2

The next update of Seasons is on the way.

This is update is focused on technical performance and therefore there is not much of a
difference you can see. But there is a big difference in terms of gameplay:

The game now runs very smooth and has no more frame-drops.  It’s also more accessible
than before; Meaning, that obstacles won’t come fast as they currently do.

All in all this updates comes again with 11 fixes, which you really will enjoy.

The update 1.2 will be available next week and is currently in certifiation.

Seasons update 1.1

We just submitted the first update of Seasons.

This update comes with 11 fixes to the bugs you can see below:

  • WP7-Devices now supported (with compatibility mode)
  • PwUps: Magnet didn’t appear during gameplay
  • PwUps: You can’t upgrade DoubleLeaf
  • PwUps: After RunMode, obstacles coming too early
  • PwUps: Ezras shadow had a problem during Runmode
  • Magic: You can’t upgrade ReGen of Snatcher
  • Winter: SlideObstacle is too high
  • Death: Occasional jump/dash after death
  • FlyMode: PathDust coming in too early (during landing)
  • Achievements/Stats: Total Leaves count not correct
  • Main Menu: Highscore alignment not centered

Update 1.1 will be released next week.

How long does it take to load Seasons on your device

We would like to know, how long you have to wait until Seasons starts on your device.

There are a lot of sites on the internet which provide a basic stopwatch for you to measure the length of the loading time of your
device. So use your preferred search engine, and measure your loading time of Seasons.

Seasons Feedback-Session 3

With our latest update published, we would like to read your opinion

A lot has changed since the last feedback-session. Now we have many bug fixes (although there are still a lot to come) and of course new content.
So what do you think of

  1. The latest season: Spring?
  2. The missions you can achieve?

Please try to be as detailed as possible. And in case you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that right here.

To raise motivation, see the latest additions in one screenshot:
Seasons Spring

Seasons Feedback-Session 2

We would like to know which Windows Phone you are using. Vote to give us a clear picture.

Thanks for your support!

Seasons Beta Update 1

The next update ( for the private beta of Seasons is available.

Here’s a detailed changelog:

  1. + A more fluid experience: We enhanced parts of our code, to offer better gameplay. The lags occuring in winter are now fixed (affecting WP8s)
  2. + A more detailed death-menu: Once died, the player can see the statistics he made during his play-session
  3. + A pause-menu: By pressing the back-button, the player can enter the pause-menu to replay, quit or resume.
  4. + Highscore-Ranking: Although there is no highscore-list in this version, we already upload your passed meters to our servers for the next version of this app
  5. + New Obstacles for winter

Download the latest version of the beta right here

Seasons Feedback-Response 1

Your feedback has been extensive. We read through every comment you made and now have some answers for you .

Character customization
Ezra might go through some minor design changes, but other than that, we didn’t plan to make him customizable. But, we’re still thinking about adding an extra alternative skin or a completely different character to Seasons.

That is already on our plan. With the current build, you can get to the power-ups Run, Magnet and Leaves x 2. These power-ups will be upgradable in durability. If we come across some great ideas, we will add more power-ups to the game.

Also already planned. This will be available with the update after the coming update.

Pause Menu
Planned as well. This will come come in the next update.

New obstacles
The current obstacles you see in winter, are more or less just placeholders. We’re currently modelling new obstacles only for winter and these will come with the next update.

The next update of the beta will be submitted after 4-5 days. By then, the game should run more fluid and new features will be added

Food Database 1.3


Food Database 1.3 ist auf dem Weg und kommt mit einem kompletten Redesign und stabiler Funktionalität.

Alles was Food Database bisher zu bieten hatte, wird es auch jetzt zu bieten haben.
Der Unterschied liegt jedoch in der Leistung. Diese neue Version macht alles besser und schneller.

Die Auslegung wurde komplett von vorne durchdacht, doch trotzdem werden Benutzer,
die schon Food Database 1.0 hatten, mit der neuen Auslegung zurecht kommen.
Zu den neuen Funktionen gehören: Tagesübersicht, Tagesrückblick und lokale Einträge.

Food Database 1.3 wird Anfang nächste Woche für 1,29€
(als Vollversion) erhältlich sein.
Alle Grundfunktionen sind weiter hin in der Testversion kostenlos verfügbar.

Diese Version von Food Database ist für alle Windows Phone 8-Geräte verfügbar und kommt zusätzlich mit Live-Tile in allen Größen.